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At Thrivalytics, the Web Analytics Process revolves around two core steps – Measure and Improve. These are fundamentally known as the web analytics continuous improvement process. It has wisely been said that, “You should not change what you do not measure, and you should not measure what you will not change.” This is the mantra of Thrivalytics.

With an emphasis on what is measured, it is crucial to have a method to determine what measurements will be used that works every time regardless of the type of online endeavor being undertaken. Fortunately, it is quite simple and begins with the question, “Why does your website exist?” Ultimately, you want a list of two to five reasons for existence. To verify your goals are encompassing, ask yourself, “If I/we accomplish these goals, will we be successful?” If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to tackle your custom key performance indicators (KPI).

What are KPI? Let’s break this down word-for-word. Key refers to the importance of the measurement being taken. As in, this measurement is key to our success. Performance simply means that we are measuring how well the website is performing in reference to the existence of your website. Indicator refers to the ability to use the measurement to indicate the success, failure or stagnation of your website. Put them together and you get a measurement of how well your website is performing relative to one key area.

So what KPIs are available? This is when you really need expert seasoned web analytics like that of Thrivalytics. Thrivalytics knows the pitfalls of various metrics, such as time on site, and can help select the most appropriate KPIs for your goals. Essentially, you will want one KPI per website goal with a total of two to five KPI.

At this point, Thrivalytics or an in-house specialist is tasked with automating as much of the data gathering process to ensure that as much time as possible can be spent on analysis.  Once this is setup, the continuous improvement process begins.

The analysis is the exciting part where positive and negative KPI trends are delved into for explanation.  Suppose a KPI is number of site visits and they declined month over month. Through analysis, Thrivalytics might discover that this decline can be attributed to a loss of search traffic. Further analysis would show what search terms need further optimization and a plan of action would be recommended.  When the next measurements are made, the effect of the efforts can be understood and further optimization can be made if necessary.

It is clear that this web analytics process allows an organization to proactively identify areas where growth is needed. It also allows a business to keep a pulse on what matters most and realize the effectiveness of their efforts.

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