“Dustin is a strong and valuable web analyst. I first hired Dustin as an intern for the Sun Developer Network while he was majoring in Math at San Jose State. He quickly adapted to the challenge of web data analysis and contributed effectively to Sun’s efforts to measure and sample the needs of its large developer audience. His contributions were valuable enough that we hired him as a web analyst as soon as we could after he graduated. I found the techniques he used, the data he gathered, and his analysis to all be very insightful. He has a lot to offer on any effort to measure and analyze audience behavior and interests.”

Jim Inscore, Editor-In-Chief, Sun Developer Network, Sun Microsystems

“Dustin’s work as a web analyst specialist would be a tremendous asset to any company looking to analyze their web site and the behaviors of visitors. Dustin’s work is detail oriented, thorough and informative. Dustin’s analysis made it easy to justify decisions we made on our developer web pages and ultimately optimize the site to meet our needs as well as those of our developer audience.”

Jill Welch, Sr. Managing Editor, Developer Sites, Sun Microsystems

“Dustin was a real star in the Sun Developer Network group. As the in-house web analytics specialist, he was responsible for training and supporting half a dozen managing editors and consulted with other Sun web site teams as well. Dustin served on my web promotions team and provided both technical (javascript) and analytical support. We all learned from Dustin. I would work with him again in a flash.”

John Stearns, Senior Technial Writer, Sun Microsystems

“Dustin took the mystery out of web analytics for the NetBeans web team! He was actively involved in our efforts to better optimize the site and improve our online presence. He provided regular analysis of our data and gave valuable recommendations. Thanks to his expertise, we gained a better understanding of web analytics and why it mattered for our organization.”

Tinuola Awopetu, Managing Editor, NetBeans.org, Sun Microsystems

“Dustin showed a lot of initiative in working with groups at Sun to develop measurement programs. He quickly became an expert at using Site Catalyst. He generously helped others when they had questions, and he helped discover reporting issues that we then submitted to Omniture. He really contributed to making Sun a more data-driven company, and he helped advance the level of expertise among web analysts at Sun.”

Lisa Seaman, Web Metrics Analyst, Sun Microsystems

“I had the pleasure of working with Dustin for a number of years at Sun Microsystems as part of the Sun Developer Network. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about analytics. Dustin was always ready to help our team, whether it was in producing the reports we needed, explaining the results of the reports, or helping us better understand analytics in general. Dustin was real asset to our team in a variety of ways.”

Edward Ort, Senior Staff Information Engineer, Sun Microsystems

“Dustin worked as my executive assistant for several years here at Timeline Design. Dustin is self-motivated and can work independently. He is extremely smart! He is organized and efficient. If there is any problem or challenge that comes up, Dustin takes it on and gets it solved without supervision. I really wanted to keep Dustin at Timeline, but it was not the career path that he wanted to pursue. I have tried to replace Dustin, but nobody I have hired even comes close. I unhesitatingly recommend Dustin Wallace!”

Matthew Harrigan, Founder and CEO, Timeline Design & Construction

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